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The past 90 days have sailed by...

It’s been just 3 months since our launch and we are PUMPED!

Sevenofive’s wood sunglasses have been shipped to customers around the world.  We are realizing the power of the sevenofive brand and just how amazing our sunnies really are!

We have been talking to customers and getting their feedback. What we have been hearing over and over again is, "We LOVE the polarized lense, spring loaded arms, the exceptional light weight, the fact the some styles are re-purposed skateboard decks and they are SERIOUSLY cool."

We are also realizing who is attracted to what styles. Havasu, Cecebe and Geneva are our most popular ladies styles. Grenada and the fact that they are made from re-purposed skateboard decks attract the young men. Saratoga and Huron are among our best-selling between men and woman (and they truly look good on everyone).  Young and hip gravitate towards Karambar and the daring sport the Tahoe. One thing is consistant, everyone loves their sevenofive’s.

Our biggest surprise to date has been the popularity of the blue lens…  We can’t keep them in stock! They have also become our personal style of choice. Everywhere we go people ask, "Where did you get those glasses?" The answer:

Check out all our styles today and take advantage of some WILD sales on our site. We have a few styles on a super sale to make room for new inventory arriving in about 10 days. We are crazy excited about what's on the horizon for sevenofive.

All the best,

Tim & Melissa

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  • Nigel Chang on

    These have quickly become my favourite shades. The quality of the construction and the materials used is on par with the big name sunglasses makers. The best thing about them is that they are made in Canada from sustainable materials! “Those are so cool!” is what I hear all the time. Keep ‘em comin’ Seven O Five!

  • IRene on

    I just brought a pair

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