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Wooden Sunglasses + Grassroots Adventure

We love to travel and are always inspired by the people and places we find along the way. 

We love nature, sun, sand, surf and adventure, of course! When we launched our eco-friendly, grassroots company, sevenofive, we knew we had a unique product that would speak to many that have the same core values, hopes and dreams for breaking away to discover some of the coolest places around the globe.  

Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter our wooden sunglasses can be along for the adventure. We want you to capture the memories looking through the hip shades and remember the style as you sport the wooden sunnies in your travel.  Doesn’t matter whether you stay close to home or venture far…  There’s always something to be discovered!

If you need some travel inspiration…  Grenada were inspired by Lake Grenada in one of our favourite places, Nicaragua.  This awesome country presents some of the best landscapes you’ll find.  If you love the jungle, ocean, surfing, or just hanging out in a very ‘chill’ space you’ve got to check it out.  Routes less travelled reveal stunning experiences from active volcanoes to colonial cities.  The Nicaraguan people are kind and patient, and can make your adventures that much more interesting in their willingness to share their beautiful country.

Below is a picture of us with friends on our most recent adventure!  We want to see and hear your stories too.  Keep sending us pictures and stories of your wood sunglasses so we can share with the 705 community!

Thanks for being part of the adventure in exploring longitudes and adjusting latitudes ;)! 

Tim & Melissa

Wood Sunglasses Adventure

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