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Take 2: A NEW LOOK

Sometimes you gotta just “get **it done”.  That’s how it went when we first launched our sevenofive look.  It was on our radar but other things were needing our attention.  Now that we’ve been rolling along for a few months we have had time to reflect on our brand and how it can best reflect our ideas and intentions for this exciting venture.  We consulted a friend who also happens to be one of the best in the industry - Brandcamp.  It’s an interesting exercise working through building a brand.  Trying to sum up what you represent in just a few words and symbols.  But, Brandcamp nailed it.  We love it and hope you do too!  

There are several aspects to this new look.  We’re still working on a few but so far you’ll notice our new tagline:

Our full main logo:

We are super thrilled to be able to roll out this new look for sevenofive!  In celebration of this new launch you can save 40% off your first pair!  Simply visit our Home page and follow the Sign Up prompt in the top right to get your 40% off code.

Let us know what you think!

Tim & Melissa

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